555 high performance photovoltaic street a control circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG optical control circuitry for high-performance street. The circuit consists of a photoelectric conversion element LDR, comparator circuit IC1 (555), single stab

555 high performance photovoltaic street a control circuit diagram
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ilizing circuit IC2 and other components. Wherein IC2 and BG1, BG2 constitute action locking loop, LDR components using photoresistor.When the LDR exposed to light, it was a low-resistance, low input pin 555 due occurs set, feet high output, and therefore the relay J does not act, the light emitting diode LED1 does not emit light. Night, LDR light and was not due to high resistance, due 555 feet high and the reset input occurs, pin output low, so that the relay J pull, LED LED1 light. This time it triggers IC2 work, so that the output timing of the td 1.1R7C6 (about 10 minutes) signal corresponding light emitting diode LED2 light. Thus within l0 minutes, the relay can be solved in critical action point unstable. Circuit action locking circuit can also overcome the disadvantages of the relay at the critical point due to the action of light instability and frequent changes in operation. Therefore, this circuit to achieve high performance photoelectric controls on lights.

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