555 meter circuit diagram of the analog information Qigong

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown, the information apparatus comprises buck rectifier power supply (Vdd + 12V), the timing circuit, multivibrator, the output of the first amplifier and function. IC1 an

555 meter circuit diagram of the analog information Qigong
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d R1, RP1, C3 composition start timing, timing td 1.1 (R1 + RP1) C3. In the timing, J pull, control J1-1, J1-2 contacts connected. IC2 and R5, R6, RP2, C8 and other components controlled multivibrator, f 1.44/(R5 + 2R6 + RP2) C8, but the frequency can be changed by adding 5 feet in control voltage, namely by adjusting to RP3 achieve. VT1 using V-MOS field-effect power transistor. Function output head adopts 0.85um GaAs semiconductor laser and infrared radiation PTC special ceramic material, and a strong magnetic field SmCo magnets.

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