555 multi-purpose repair circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

The overhaul has the following features: online judge diodes, transistors is good or bad; test TTL logic level or a high impedance state; can output 37MHz, bar television signal 74MHz, 148MHz; the output 465kHz, 930kHz, 1395kHz AM signal. As illustrated, 555 and R5,

555 multi-purpose repair circuit diagram
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

R6, C8 composition astable multivibrator, the output added to the VT1, VT2 and so many were, as a test signal (200Hz). When the output is high, VT2 off, VT3 conduction; low, VT2 conduction. VT3 deadline. Test diodes, transistors, from LED1, LED2 luminescence, the tube can be judged good or bad. VT1, L1, L2, C1 ~ C7 and 555 point-frequency oscillators signal generating circuit. K2 "1" at, CZ1 output of the AM signal 465,930,1395kHz to repair radios, tape recorders, etc; K2 is set to "2", CZ1 TV output 37,74,148MHz bar signal for high frequency maintenance head and channel section. CZ4 public places.

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