Level 555 a control circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown for the level control circuit. The control circuit consists of step-down rectifier circuit, trigger circuit 555 (IC1, IC2), relay control circuit. Where the buck recti

Level 555 a control circuit diagram
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fier circuit of the entire control circuit to provide the DC voltage corresponding to the flip-flop IC1 low water tower water pump control circuit, triggering circuit IC2 corresponding to the high-water wells to pump water for the control circuit.When the water level inside the water tower probe B, D tower above the water line, IC1 pin is ground level, so that IC1 be set, high pin output relay J1 pull, contact J1- 1 is closed, because the motor is energized and pumping operation performed pumping; when the water level rises to probe a, corresponding IC1 is reset, low output enable J1 release, contact J1-1 disconnect power pumps stopped, thus the water tower to achieve automatic control. Well placed in the probe B, D, under normal circumstances, should a certain depth below the water surface, so IC2 (555) by 2 feet high and reset, low output enable pin J2 pull, touch point J2-2 is closed. When leaving due to continuous pumping B, D EXPLORATION high in the water, IC2 occur due feet set low, high output enable pin J2 release, contact J2-2 disconnect the motor off electricity stopped, thus avoiding motor idling, while the water level of wells for testing.

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