A common collector amplifier

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A common collector amplifier (1) common collector amplifying circuit structure and key components of common collector amplifier circuit as shown, the key components of the comp

A common collector amplifier
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osition and common emitter amplifier circuit is basically the same, except there are two: One is the collector resistors Mu to the emitter (indicated by Van), and the second is the output signal from the collector but no longer taken from the emitter. In this circuit, two adjacent bias resistor R l and it is through the power supply to the base of the transistor (b) power supply: Rc is the transistor emitter (e) of the load resistor; two capacitors are played through exchange compartment DC coupling capacitor effect: the resistor Rr is a minus plant output signal load resistor. Common-emitter transistor amps, NPN and PNP type transistor amplifier Sheng also big differences between different power supply. Since the transistor amplifier circuit of the power supply resistance is very small, the AC signal is equivalent to a short circuit between positive and negative. Equivalent AC power supply, i.e. the collector of the transistor (c) corresponds to the ground. The input signal is loaded into the base of the transistor (b) and polar (e) and the emission load resistor between Burgundy, loaded into the base of the transistor (b) and collector (c) it is equivalent to between the output signal from the transistor emitter electrode (e), it is equivalent to between transistors from the pole (e) and collector (c) emission and therefore the collector (c) for the input signal and the output signal common terminal number, it is called common collector electrode amplifier.

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