A flat tire warning circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Bicycle tire leak detector circuit schematic. Car tire punctured by sharp objects leak site air sound microphone BM is received after the closing, signal conversion, via a capa

A flat tire warning circuit
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citor 6 is coupled to the transistor VT amplification, and then by coupling capacitor C3, C4 by volume potentiometer RP select from integration PA SL31 sufficiently amplified by the headphone EJ playback. Bicycle tire leak detector is selected at a low voltage power amplifier integrated circuits SL31 (or LA4101), which uses a voltage can be 2 ~ 4. 5V to choose between, the active 3V supply. Transistor VT silicon NPN transistor 3DG8, noise itself is small, there is help determine fault expel gas, port selected value above 120, through current J.. Less than 1 only. Available 8n low resistance headset earplugs. BM electret microphone with omni-directional miniature electret condenser microphone CR22- 9B. The rest were with a small resistor-capacitor element. The housing may use a small transistor radio Molded type, size of about 68mm s8mm. Power supply with two R type batteries connected in series. Potentiometer RP use of small synthetic membrane potentiometer WH15-K22 type, with the power switch.

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