A hi-fi amp around 01

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

After many enthusiasts practice, following a recommendation before and after class hi-fi amplifier. The amplifier preamp shown in Figure 5-117. By the dynamic noise reduction a

A hi-fi amp around 01
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nd DC pitch, volume controller was opening I.M18 9 4 is a non-complementary noise reduction IC, capable of ordinary tape, VCD discs, FM radio as 1 0 db down noise, it is widely used. And low distortion, a simple circuit. For everyone to enjoy different musical environments, high bass have different hobbies, so the sound is a combination of the tone control must essential part. HiFi for tone control requirements are: change the frequency response, in line with a particular interest, but the sound quality lossless. It is recommended monolithic DC tone volume control integrated circuit IC I.M1036 this port has treble, bass, sound volume, loudness, balance adjustment function 6 for ease of use t The circuit has been designed in the loudness and balance normally open like state, you do not have to adjust. Since the end of the control DC voltage control are used, the potential is not in the signal path, thus potentiometer connected to peripheral circuits without the use of shielded cable, but also eliminates the sliding noise potentiometer, potentiometer single joint can be achieved double sound channel adjustment, without the use of costly high fidelity adjustment potentiometer can be achieved, is the production of high quality enthusiasts tone volume control system characteristics surname Chong Dan He established a blind wife Qin Ming Gan mouth. - System Strong bass tone of apartment. bone tone when a boat moving Merced no harsh tone control circuit common problem of weak scared, very nice; the level previously installed some cool sounds hard, high and low due to excellent power amplifier, but also the effect of moves mountains; this excellent low-frequency tone control control over some of the additional subwoofer plate © when debugging dynamic noise reduction device, a plate not available blank tape-recorded program playback, will treble the maximum lift. Bass minimum attenuation, adjust the volume at full t I.M1894, among foot lkfl adjustable resistance, noise in the speaker is about to increase large state, it is best to work this step repeated several times.

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