A simple three-way speaker crossover circuit diagram

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Divider is the speaker of the brain, is crucial to the sound quality is good or bad. Music amplifier output signal must divider wave filter element processing, so that each uni

t by a specific frequency signal. To scientific and rational, rigorously designed speaker of the divider, in order to effectively modify different properties speaker unit, optimized combination of such units weaknesses, vividly play their proper potential so that the frequency response of the band becomes too smooth, accurate panning phase, in order to make high, middle and bass music play out structured, co-production, clear, comfortable, broad, natural sound quality. Speaker crossover is a combined filter, an audio signal can be divided into several frequency bands. Road audio divider is made of a high-pass filter and a low-pass filter, and the three-way division has added a bandpass filter. Described in this article is a simple three-way speaker crossover circuit diagram, inputs can be connected to the same output. as the picture shows.

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