A709 a voltage follower circuit diagram

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Figure (a) shows the circuit as a voltage follower, it is a special case of the in-phase amplifying circuit, the input signal from the integrated operational amplifier with the

end of the introduction phase, the feedback resistor is zero, negative feedback is very strong, very stable op amp input impedance great. Output resistance is very small, so this circuit has an impedance conversion function. Impedance transformation means effect the so-called after amplifying a voltage follower, the output voltage is approximately equal to the electromotive force and the output signal source resistance is small. The circuit is used as an input stage, an intermediate buffer stage and an output stage. The basic relationship of the circuit as follows: Vi + Vis Vo Vo -AVis Where: A-- the open-loop voltage amplification factor; Vis-- pure op amp input voltage; This circuit, when the voltage of the input signal amplitude is increased to nearly the op amps positive supply voltage, the deadlock may occur that will not be the normal output signal, which is due to the positive feedback op amp internal parasitic oscillations produced. In order to prevent this phenomenon, may be employed in Fig (b)

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