AD574A unipolar and bipolar input circuit b

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

AD574A is a high performance 12-bit successive approximation. A/D converter can be directly with the 8 or 16-bit microprocessor bus interface. Input into AD574A analog voltage,

AD574A unipolar and bipolar input circuit b
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either unipolar or may be bipolar. Unipolar analog input voltage range of O-lOV or 0-20V} bipolar input voltage range is 5v or 20V. When unipolar input should BIP OFF Termination ov. A circuit connection shown in FIG. Figure BIP OFF side through the 100n electrical grounding resistance by RP1 can also be zero adjustment. When bipolar input, BIP OFF + lov termination voltage, circuit connection shown in Figure b. Circuit BIP OFF end by 1000 and the resistor RP2 REF, OU end rhyme + 10V voltage connections

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