AD590 basic application circuit d

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

AD590 is shown in the basic application circuit. Since the AD590 current output, series resistance to the output current is converted to voltage. Figure 1-31 (a) for the most b

AD590 basic application circuit d
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asic application circuit, AD590 output current Zhan. Formed on the RP as an output voltage vo, RP as an output trim. For example, when Ri + RP 1. OK, 25, the output vo 298. 15 bcA lk0, 298. 15mV. L Figure 31 (b), (c) respectively in series, parallel application of AD590, they can simultaneously in parallel or in series of three or more. AD590 series applications for multi-point temperature detection in a small space; Figure l -31 (b) the output voltage to the lowest temperature AD590 position prevail, Figure 1-31 (c), compared with the average of the output voltage of a few AD590, you can improve the multi-point temperature detection accuracy. AD590 is very easy with the CMOS digital circuit interface, it can be connected with the gate circuits, analog switches and other electronics to make use, in Fig. 1-31 (d) is a NAND gate as an electronic switch for multi-channel temperature detection circuit, the output voltage by CL, C2, C3 side control. For example, when cl -0, C2 1, C3 1, the output of AD590 -1.

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