AD594 to 597 basic application circuit b

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Automatic electric furnace temperature controller shown. The closed circuit is formed from a temperature detection output control loop; the temperature rises, the output voltag

AD594 to 597 basic application circuit b
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e increases when the voltage increases to a preset temperature value, the output stop, stop heating; trans, the temperature is lowered, when reduced to the pre when the set temperature, and automatically starts heating. TC thermocouple directly connected to IC1 s O, ? feet, sending internal differential amplifier, the output from a foot, driven by solid state relay vs VT conduction, plus hot wires RL ohmic heating, when heated to a preset temperature, output is stopped. pin input and output hysteresis setting, connected to a pin through resistor R to achieve, the smaller the resistance value, the greater the hysteresis. Controlling the temperature of the high and low foot by pressing decisions relations pin voltage and temperature, TC between as shown in Table 1-3. AD594/595 is also designed with zero offset circuit (not used here). ?, ? pin alarm, indicating the output of the internal as c, e very open transistor can directly drive LED or small relays, access here VD1 as the working lights for indicating the start and stop on heating.

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