Adjustable output voltage regulator circuit diagram

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Circuit R1 R2 + RP + size branch resistance value determines the magnitude of the current I, the current should be

greater than the input current of the operational amplifier, is about I = 1mA. It depends on the output voltage as low as UAmin. Therefore, when the output voltage is adjusted to the maximum value of the current I should be correspondingly larger. Resistor R1 value should be greater than the operating range of the R1 voltage 0.5V, in order to stabilize the op amp's low output voltage. Minimum output voltage is determined by UR1 + UR, UR integrated voltage regulator constant voltage. The maximum output voltage is determined by UeX (-Us + UR2). If Us = 1.5V, UR2 = 1V, then Umax FUe = -2.5V.

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