Aeration ponds remind circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A, B is oxygen electromechanical motive in the two-phase three-phase power. Tl, T2 is wound around the outside of the two current sensing coil. When the normal power supply, Tl

Aeration ponds remind circuit
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, rectifier T2 to VD1, VD7, Cl, G consisting of circuitry in the filter capacitor C, can be maintained on certain electrical voltage, RP1, RP2 as two potentiometers, Ri of phase, overload, partial short circuit, motor burnout alarm control system. During normal operation the potential RP1 contact position slightly lower in IC1 flip voltage, IC1 outputs a high level, IC3 output low. RP2 potentiometer contact potential slightly higher than the voltage of IC2 flip, the same output low. When the over load, partial short circuit occurs and when no phase, Cl filtering the output voltage increases, lcl flip, the alarm is energized and locked alarm, LED1 emitting tips. When the phase is running. If the phase is not the phase, the total current increases in the South, C, filtering the voltage increases, 1C1 flip trigger an alarm circuit, if the phase is the phase. C1 capacitor voltage is ov. IC2 flip portion of the output to trigger alarm level, an alarm, when the motor burned before C- capacitance loss of power or higher voltage, similarly lCl or IC2 flips trigger an alarm circuit, in actual use, this failure occurs We have demonstrated in front of a phenomenon. This occurs less. IC2 addition to the above case the alarm, but also on the aerator off-axis light load, power failure alarm, which is inland in ponds most accident-prone. RP2 adjust the IC2 input terminal voltage slightly higher than the IC2 flip voltage is normal. When the off-axis occurs because the load will significantly reduce light, C, smoothed voltage drop, 1C2 input voltage falls below the trigger, IC2 immediately flip, IC5 instructs an alarm is triggered and self-locking; in the power of the IC2 input from the high case goes low. Similarly the output alarm. SB1, SB2, SB3 for the three button switch, press SB1, SB2, SB3 check whether packets are part of an alarm every time you turn aerator police, the circuit simple safety checks to determine whether all parts properly. IC5, IC6 two single-shot, when an alarm condition occurs when a user can quickly inform the type of fault, and remove. When not properly reset, press the button SB4 let CC4013 two triggers reset. E is small 6V power supply battery, VD2 provides several mA quiescent current consumption of the circuit to supplement the circuit during normal operation. IC1-IC3 is a six inverters 004069, IC5, IC6 is one pair of D flip-flop CC4013t 2.8kW motor I. 1 about 250 turns, L around 600 turns.

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