Agricultural harvester warehouse full schematic reminder

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit works The harvester warehouse full of reminders by the photodetector amplifier circuit and sound and light alarm circuit, as shown in Figure 1. Circuit, the photodetect

Agricultural harvester warehouse full schematic reminder
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or amplifier circuit by a pilot light HL1, light switch S1, photoresistor RG, resistors R1, R2, potentiometer RP and a transistor v1 composition; sound and light alarm circuit by the transistor V2, relay K, diode VD, instructions H L2 lamp and buzzer HA composition. When used, the reminder circuit mounted in a small control box, RG, HL mounted on the front panel of the control box, S1, S2 and HA mounted in the control box on the rear panel, HL2 installed local staff readily observable. On the front side of Grain Storage combine a rectangular open slot for installation of the control box. When installed, the front panel of the control box should be installed on the inside of the storage silos, the driver in front of the rear panel. When the reservoir within the granary full of grain warehouses, RG irradiated external light and the low resistance state, this time V1 conduction, V2 end, K is the release state, HL2 does not shine, HA is not sound. When filled with food warehouse, the warehouse of food will cover the RG, RG because no light irradiation becomes high impedance state, so that V1 end, V2 conduction, K pull its normally open contact connected, H L2 point bright, HA alarm sound to inform the driver granary is full. When night operations, external ambient light is too dark, then S1 should be connected, so HLl lit, failure to prevent the alarm device. Adjust the resistance of RP, you can change the light control sensitivity. Component selection R1 and R2 use 1/4W metal film resistor or a carbon film resistors. RP use of small synthetic membrane variable resistor. RG choose M G45 series (light resistance less than 5kfl, dark resistance is greater than 5 MfZ) photosensitive resistor. VD choose 1 N4007 type silicon rectifier diodes. V1 and V2 use 58050 or C8050,3 DG8050 silicon NPN transistors. HL1 selection of vehicles with 12V light bulb; HL2 selected 12V red light. K small 12V DC relay selection. HA selects sound source 12V comes with a buzzer. S1 and S2 use a small toggle switch. GB using a small 12V maintenance-free battery or a 12V DC power supply on the harvester.

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