Anti-jamming circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Anti-jamming circuit (watchdog circuit): KA555 interference when analog baseband circuit shown in Figure 18-14. FIG D4 is KA555 hybrid analog/digital integrated circuits,, feet

Anti-jamming circuit
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of input signal No., pin as an output signal., feet then the power 5v, O feet grounded, feet for an integrated circuit transistor connected to the discharge end. Because indirect capacitive Cl KA555 of, input pin and place :, and clz through foot discharge, changing the voltage level, the output terminal ( foot) to the input constitute a multivibrator circuit, Rza feedback resistor. In normal operation, the microcontroller prolyl I timed pulsing signal, by clamping diode VD3 play the role of the oscillation circuit can not play vibration. Once encountered strong interference pulses, the microcontroller the phenomenon of death, immediate start-up oscillator circuit outputs a reset signal to the microcontroller s reset terminal foot, forcing the microcontroller to work again. After analysis of the data, the microcontroller output instruction, so that the air conditioner connected to the state before the failure still continues to run, greatly improving the air conditioner s interference. This troubleshooting process time is extremely short, when users do not feel the air conditioner. 6) other circuits: In addition to the above-described circuits, as well as its crystal oscillator circuit, over, under voltage protection circuit, buzzer circuit, power supply road, defrost circuit, the reader can refer to the original circuit, self-analysis.

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