Anti-saturation function delete circuit schematics

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Anti-saturation devices deleted: UAA4002 routine applications, switching transistor transistor (switching transistor driven) base current is adjusted automatically, driven powe

Anti-saturation function delete circuit schematics
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r transistors in the critical saturation, but driven transistor operating frequency when the rate is very low, the switching losses were insignificant, then the losses are mainly low conduction losses due to artificially remove and anti-saturation network, that has been driven through the power transistor operating in saturation. Way to achieve this purpose is twofold: First, the UAA4002V CE pin diode is driven off the power transistor collector, and directly to the y CE pin and V + pin is connected through a resistor after the pick vcc (see Fig. 12-28), such an approach is that the drawbacks encountered by the driving transistor can not be saturated after the rapid and effective protection,

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