Available voltage booster 400Vp-p output

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Because this amplifier circuit OP mountain with isv power-driven, so sad existence as floating voltage error plus high pressure booster as a disc insurance o transistor Tri, TT

Available voltage booster 400Vp-p output
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J is mutual bashing shot summarized follower, this will be connected to the output circuit It would be more reasonable (no home bias, still water compensation circuit). High voltage transistor Tt, Tr to complete the transfer of a high voltage, in order to raise high soil line, and Used the push-pull mode. To learn Cantonese peak locust static pressure as much as possible close to the supply voltage, the output transistor T ,. Ding, Trrb then lied shot Terrier ground circuit., By the Tr. Tr, (Tr4. Tr8) DC-coupled two-stage circuit, because the voltage gain is large, so the output stage negative feedback. Closed-loop magnification static milli Guangdong times ( r F iso lI/z four soil), is to encourage the greater use OP. Ran lose 1 small resistance of power amplifier circuit, when there is a negative short-circuit current cut Luk frog, the output transistor is damaged, and therefore, we need to take to protect streams, Tr5, 1 prison.. Hang from the Qing limit the role of the protective circuit. Luk limit current IL Wang dish can be thrown -l V. 1. Workers, r amount./Island formula is obtained. Possession of the current limit circuit is about lOmA. Connected to the output terminal and Chrysler to good electrical ov lim of the diode D ugly, D play a clamping action to absorb the ripple voltage profile tallow produced.

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