BA3884 application circuit within the circuit and a

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

BA3884 DC operating voltage of 5.4 ~ 12,3V, its internal circuit principle and application circuit as shown in Figure 5-16. The circuit is a two-channel processing circuit, the

BA3884 application circuit within the circuit and a
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processing circuit includes two identical sets t be completed, following which the audio signal. Phase compensation. 14.23 audio signal input pins are two channels lc and by the low-pass filter LPF, a band-pass filter BPF, high-pass filter HPF divider 20 a -150Hz, 150Hz ~ 2.4kHz and 2.4kHz ~ 20kHz three months bands and processed separately, and finally the processed signal output by the pin 13, 24 are added after the synthesis, respectively. Since the sound of the fundamental tone frequency band located higher harmonics in the high frequency band, high in order to eliminate the delay caused by the phase distortion of the electric circuit uses a fixed high frequency constant, so that the high range audio segment with respect to a lagging 80. Bass treble frequency band relative lag 3600. Because of the bass frequencies were lagging process, so that the relatively high so just get the audio delays to compensation and correction, phase distortion is eliminated. Amplitude compensation (harmonic compensation) o In order to compensate for speaker harmonic amplitude response is inadequate, from a high peak detector filter and a voltage controlled amplifier VCA harmonic amplitude of automatic control as needed. Correction, compensation for directors from two DC voltage to control a DC voltage is provided by an external voltage divider circuit, added CTL O end; another DC voltage by the peak detector after detection of the input signal obtained through the HPF frequency harmonic wave to VCA input circuit is completed by a special compensation correction. After amplitude correction, reflecting the characteristics of harmonic sounds fine restored and strengthened so that the playback systemm a high resolution, high-definition sound and natural timbre oCTL1 end of the DC voltage circuit 2 is adjusted by dividing the base), when the opening when the state is working BBE off K to ON bamboo bit .CTL1 end 8-pin voltage changes from the 4.5V-Oy, the resolution © Ju processed audio signal clarity by the OdB9,5dBo boost bass contour. restored the higher harmonics of the phase and amplitude, the need to achieve the best bass proper balance of the treatment system uses a bass boost circuit outline and achieve optimal linear promoted from within the range of 50 N150Hz the lifting by the lifting circuit a voltage divider circuit RPi be adjusted when the DC voltage rL2 terminal 7 feet by 4,5V bucket OV changes, bass lift the OdB + 8.7dB improvement. bass boost through the whole high bass sound reproduction system to achieve a balanced sound reproduction.

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