Bad book is not binding circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Bad book binding circuit not shown, do the solenoid valve to control the head of the YV1 bad book is not set, no positive signal of bad books under constant conditions, the fli

Bad book is not binding circuit
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p-flop of the left tube VTI off right tube VT2 turns on, then the collector voltage VT2 is ov. If bad letter into the trigger number, this flip-flop flip, the state turned to the left tube VT1, VT2 off the right tube, the collector voltage vri to +9. 5V. This signal is current-amplified by f3 control VT4 conduction, the relay Kl pull, electromagnetic Yan YV1 action, the head of the control is not a bad book to the binding.

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