Based on Bluetooth wireless transmission-reception circuit design schematics

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit Principle: Using LC oscillator frequency drift is more serious. SAW devices appear to solve this problem, the frequency stability of the crystal substantially the same,

Based on Bluetooth wireless transmission-reception circuit design schematics
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and its fundamental frequency of up to hundreds of megabytes or even gigahertz. Without octave, compared with the crystal oscillator circuit is extremely simple. The following circuit is a common transmitter circuit, due to the use of SAW devices, the circuit is very stable, even grasping antenna, acoustic or other parts of the circuit, the transmission frequency will not drift. Up to 200 meters, while a super-regenerative receiver may use a circuit or superheterodyne circuit, the super-regenerative circuit low cost, low power consumption of up to 100uA, good super regenerative circuit to adjust the sensitivity level and high level, the oscillation level, placed in a mixer and two similar superheterodyne receiver. However, job stability super regenerative circuit is relatively poor, poor selectivity, thereby reducing interference.

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