Blanket internal measurement circuit disconnection

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Look for the blanket internal disconnection circuit, its working principle is: M spot welding have a wire about 2cm induction body, when a sense of

Blanket internal measurement circuit disconnection
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when to be close to the body charged mains FireWire side by VD induced voltage is rectified by the VT1 ~ VT3 a composite tube amplification, VT4 was added to the base, so that VT4 conduction. LED light-emitting display: When the susceptor away from the line of fire or fire when the line is not live, because no induced voltages VT1-VT3 no output, VT4 was less bias and off, LED off. Component selection and production as follows. Transistor value g 20, Ieeo as small as possible; light-emitting diodes I. ED can choose one model; the value of the resistor R is generally several tens Europe, RP semi-variable resistor. When debugging, you should inductor (induction test pencil) live near the line of fire, change the resistance of RP, the LED goes out to the light. When away from the line of fire when, I. ED should be extinguished. When using test pencil checking electric blankets, heating wire and two joints should be power line disconnect any one package with an insulating cloth broken thread wrapped on one side and then the power cord is connected and plugged into a live wire resistance FireWire catch hole (to prevent electric shock, but also enough to withstand a series of small electric capacity), so close to the body test pencil induction heating wire is not disconnected from the far end of sequentially looking for, once the LED goes out, they found at the break.

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