Bonsai electronic circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown for the electronic components made by conventional electronic bonsai, on the living room, sparkle, brilliance make houseful, joys and pleasures of life. Components Sel

Bonsai electronic circuit
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ection: IC1 ~ IC4 are two pairs of D flip-flop CD4013; all the transistors are selected VT 9013 and other NPN silicon transistor, beta 90. LED models informal, in pursuit of flash effect, even if the same group of five LED is not necessarily a color. As the number of too little LED, can be increased, but slightly larger transistors are required to use, such as 8050, DD01 and the like. R10 ~ R14 choose 470 Omega resistance. C1 ~ C8 selection 1001 mu F/16V electrolytic capacitor. S for small touch-type power switch CS-316. T use 220V/10V, 5W of small power transformers.

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