Bookshelf 01 active speakers

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Elements and internal function diagram shown in Figure 9-50, c, i, C2 is the feedback capacitance t change in capacity - low frequency change within a certain range of the cuto

Bookshelf 01 active speakers
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ff frequency, C thirty, C5 is the output coupling capacitor, under normal circumstances, plus large 4 7 0r.rF can, C6.C 7 to eliminate vibration capacitance, without influence also can not, C3 for the power supply decoupling capacitors should be increased. TDA2822 is dual power amplifier integrated circuit, when the power supply voltage Vc-6V, RL. A 8fl. THD 10%, the output power per channel is lOOOmW o level when working, the quiescent current is very small, only about 8mA, and internal short circuit protector mouth considering, and often carry out regional power and easy to use, the active with speakers on battery box can be installed four on the 5th power pool, in addition, for ease of use, you can purchase a power rectifier circuit shown in Figure 9-52, is an active speaker powered speakers with an external power supply is on switch, when not in use, the switch is on the left, that is, disconnect the power mother is suspected quality problems when TDA2822 measure O, pin voltage is l/2Vc, and also on the speakers emitting diodes, high power when the light emitting diode brightness with the intensity of the music signal winking. Another species ~ active speaker shown in Figure 9-53. The speaker for the plastic structure, volume control and power switch on the box set catchy FIG lOOn.3.3kfl in, 2.7kfl resistors form a simple surround sound circuit shown in Figure 9-54, the left and right channels and remove a section intersect signal amplification.

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