Bridged amplifier circuit diagram of LM4065

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

750mW bridge-tied load audio amplifier circuit by the LM4065 amplifier with DC volume control IC composition is shown below. LM4865 8-pin SO package and an 8-pin mini SMD packa

Bridged amplifier circuit diagram of LM4065
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ge (Figures in brackets SMD package pin number), the power supply voltage VDD 2.7 ~ 5.5V, quiescent current IDD 4mA (typ). LM4065 contains two amplifiers A1 and A2, which is connected to the input output A1 A2, both of which produce the same magnitude but 180 phase difference between the output signal, which can drive connection between the V01 and V02 two outputs bridging speaker. Compared with the single-ended amplifier, the differential bridge output under the same conditions to produce output power (P0 4VDD2/2 2RL) is four times the single-ended amplifier, and without coupling capacitors. Between the LM4065s pin and V01 headset connected through a capacitor C0. As long as the voltage applied to the IC pin HP-Sense exceeds 4V threshold, the amplifier A2 is turned off, speaker mute. When the headset is not inserted into the headphone jack, a resistor divider on the HP-Sense pin voltage by R1 and R2 is set to make LM4065 operates in bridged mode load. When the headphone plug into the socket, A2 is turned off. Thus, the headset acts as a switch.

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