Broadband amplifier with bias compensation circuit diagram


Posted on Dec 11, 2010    6347

Figure (a) shows the circuit with general inverting amplifier circuit differs only in that series with a 100k potentiometer feedback resistor between the input terminal and the

Broadband amplifier with bias compensation circuit diagram - schematic

inverting input, to compensate for the DC bias current. Adjust the potentiometer Rp, so when Vi 0V when, Vo 0. Indirect compensation pins for phase compensation capacitor C1 (90pF) 1 and 10, the pin 5 to ground filter capacitor C2 is also 90pF. The circuit shown in the voltage parameters of magnification: Av -10, its speed is greater than the voltage converter 70v/s, more than half-power bandwidth of up to 400kHz, the gain-bandwidth product of approximately 30MHz. 10-pin package LH0003 circular metal operating temperature is 0 ~ 85, storage temperature is -65 ~ 150. When LH0003 chip, the operating temperature of -55 ~ 125, storage temperature is -65 ~ 150. Figure (b) is LH0003/LH0003C integrated chip pin arrangement of FIG.

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