Broadband amplifier with bias compensation circuit diagram

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Figure (a) shows the circuit with general inverting amplifier circuit differs only in that series with a 100k potentiometer feedback resistor between the input terminal and the

Broadband amplifier with bias compensation circuit diagram
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

inverting input, to compensate for the DC bias current. Adjust the potentiometer Rp, so when Vi 0V when, Vo 0. Indirect compensation pins for phase compensation capacitor C1 (90pF) 1 and 10, the pin 5 to ground filter capacitor C2 is also 90pF. The circuit shown in the voltage parameters of magnification: Av -10, its speed is greater than the voltage converter 70v/s, more than half-power bandwidth of up to 400kHz, the gain-bandwidth product of approximately 30MHz. 10-pin package LH0003 circular metal operating temperature is 0 ~ 85, storage temperature is -65 ~ 150. When LH0003 chip, the operating temperature of -55 ~ 125, storage temperature is -65 ~ 150. Figure (b) is LH0003/LH0003C integrated chip pin arrangement of FIG.

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