CF1 CF2 main circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

AC voltage is rectified by a bridge (VD1-VD4). 3R1 limiting buck, VD5 clipping, a trapezoidal wave as the trigger circuit DC voltage and synchronization. When VT1 base of RP1 r

CF1 CF2 main circuit
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eceived forward voltage is turned on, a collector coupled directly VTZ base, VT2 play a variable resistance action to change the 3cl capacitor charging time constant. When VT2 Yuetong, its collector to 3 cl charging, when charging voltage Uc Up (single-junction transistor peak voltage), VT3s e, resistance between bl sharp decline, while turned ON, the emitter current increase suddenly increase, 3G capacitive discharge by 3Ra, the VT3s bl have a sharp pulse output. Since bl output pulse amplitude is too small, the VT4 amplification by Mr pulse transformer output - connected to the VS1 G and K, triggering VS1 conduction, when Ue

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