Capacitive load drive circuit diagram of the MAX4106 4107

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG grounds MAX4106/4107 using a capacitive load drive circuit isolation resistor Rs constituted. MAX4106/4107 good AC characteristics, but they are not designed to

Capacitive load drive circuit diagram of the MAX4106 4107
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drive high reactive load, such as using a high reactive load will reduce the phase margin, causing a pulse signal overshoot ringing and ringing. The circuit can eliminate the above problems may arise between the output terminal and the load applied isolation resistor Rs, can be used to suppress overshoot and ringing oscillation, Rs is resistance of 10 ~ 20. When the chip MAX4106, and RF when 120, a gain of 5V/V; when the chip MAX4107, and RF to 270 at a gain of 10V/V.

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