Class AB output circuit diode coupling

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Class AB output stage circuit coupled diode shown in Figure 10-8. Static, adjust VT1 bias circuit (not shown), so that the output at point E on the ground DC voltage UE o. The

Class AB output circuit diode coupling
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forward voltage drop VD1 applied to the emitter of VT2 and VD2, make VT2 in micro conducting class AB operation. When the input signal U is positive half weeks. VT1 collector current increases, B and C point point-to-ground voltages are lowered. Point B so that the voltage drop emitter voltage VI2 and drop off, C point voltage drop makes VD2 fully on. then. RL, VD2, VT1 and - Ucc formed through path, the current flowing through RL Tuen bottom-up forms the output of the negative half cycle. Because RL Rt, so the collector signal current iCl- VT1/L. When the input signal U is negative half-cycle,/c decreases, B and C point voltage is increased. Thus, VT2 conduction and VD2 end, + Ucc, VT2 and shame to form a positive half cycle of the output signal. Thus, VD2 corresponds to a gate, gate open harmony by the input signal voltage of positive and negative half-cycle of a change in control. In the actual circuit. VT1 and VT2 - like all composite pipe.

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