Common base transistor amplifier circuit of a unit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Common base transistor amplifier circuit of a unit Common base amplifier basic structure of the circuit as shown, one of the key components primarily biasing resistor, capacito

Common base transistor amplifier circuit of a unit
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r coupling and amplifying transistor. Four resistors in the circuit to establish the quiescent point is provided, wherein the collector also possesses Rc (c) a load resistor functioning as; the load resistor RL is resistor; cl and C2 are two capacitors play a role through AC coupling DC blocking capacitor; decoupling electrical pit, Cb is to make the base (b) direct exchange ground, played the role of decoupling station, that is, from the elimination of the exchange of negative feedback effect. The input signal is loaded into the transistor emitter (e) and the base (b) between the output signal from the transistor collector (c) and between the base (b), shows that the base (b ) for the input signal and the output signal common terminal, therefore, the circuit is called a common base transistor amplifier.

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