Common emitter amplifier works a

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Common emitter amplifier works a Signal by the common emitter inverting amplifier output signal amplification unit posterior pole circuit, it works as shown. When analyzed, we

Common emitter amplifier works a
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can change the input signal curve, that is the end of the current input curve. When 1/4 period, tended to increase the current state, then according IC- 18IB amplification transistor, also known as the current tends to increase, according to Ohms law URC ICRC, seven f. The URC f, that it by the output voltage on the load RL UR, VCC- URC available Seven t, URC t, Vcc unchanged, Uk, J. Ie the output shown in Figure 1-7 (a) shown in the curve. Other cycle and so on in FIG. (B) (c) (d) as shown, we can see, the output voltage and the input voltage of opposite phase.

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