Current-tampering circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit current is greater than the load carried by the rated current meter, the user immediately cut off the power supply to be subtracted overload, press the reset button to

Current-tampering circuit
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restore power, production of simple, convenient and feasible. Circuit shown in FIG. AC relay K is controlled by the Triac VTH. TA1 and TA2 end phase of the same name, in the pass when crossing the wire segment BD current meter current equal, TA1 and TA2 induced voltage equal to the secondary side. TA1 and TA2 1 no voltage between terminals, VTH is not turned on. K release, K normally closed contacts for power users. However, in the case of stealing, BD segment of a wire through the current meter current unequal, TA and TA2] two secondary side voltage induced errand VTH trigger conduction. K pull its normally closed contacts cut off the users power supply circuit; while K is closed, so that K stays energized. Electrical control officers to be opened and open the rear cover, press the reset button after SB, K is not released, the user restore power. VTH trigger circuit C has anti-interference effect, device malfunction fat only; R trigger current role is limited to avoid damage to the VTH trigger knot. Component selection: Relay K optional AC 220V JQX-4 type of small power relays, the normally 6ij several contacts in parallel can be increased load capacity. VTH available 3CTSIB. rAl and TA2 parameters should be very consistent, otherwise malfunction when the current is large. Production time - core toroidal core is preferably selected, the power cord can pass therethrough as the primary side, with the appropriate wire wrap around one hundred turns as the secondary side.

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