DC-coupled multi-stage amplifier circuit b

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

DC-coupled multi-stage amplifier circuit b (3) multi-stage DC-coupled amplifier in DC-coupled by a multi-stage amplifier circuit amplifying circuit, if used NPN type transistor of each stage,

DC-coupled multi-stage amplifier circuit b
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in order to fit all levels have appropriate operating point of stage base, Step by step the collector potential increases, so reducing the final output voltage range. In order to solve this problem, in practice, it can be used in conjunction with NPN and PNP transistor to reduce the post-stage DC potential, as shown in FIG. Figure (8) shows an NPN cvri) _ and PNP transistor (VT2) wish, is used to reduce the subsequent stage (VT3) potential. Alternatively, you can use emitter follower, stage amplified voltage diode to reduce a DC potential of the circuit. Figure (b) shows the use of emitter cvn) is used to reduce the subsequent stage (, rr3) potential.

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