25kHz using thyristor inverter welding machine circuit

25kHz using thyristor inverter welding machine circuit Using high frequency 25kHz, thyristor inverter arc welding machine, which can be smaller transformer, the circuit shown i

n Figure 9-14. The machine no-load output voltage of 45V DC, 90V (peak), the short-circuit current of 125A DC. Circuit consists of five parts: Power section (by the diode VD16 ~ VD2 [filter capacitor C7 etc.), the inverter section points (by the diode VDi ~ VD4, SCR Vl-V4, resistor Ri-R4, capacitors and inductors Li CL, etc. composition), touch -flop (by a pulse transformer TMi, TMz and associated RC components, diodes, regulator etc.), an output unit divided (by the transformer T and the diode VD22 ~ VD25 etc.) and arc suppression circuitry (by the Triac V5, thyristor V5, the regulator VS3, diode VD, 6, capacitor C8, resistor R14 ~ Rl7 etc.).

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