Efficient inverter control circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Efficient inverter control circuit It shows a highly efficient inverter control circuit, which is used as the LCD backlight power supply circuit, which is mainly controlled by

Efficient inverter control circuit
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the chip Ul (02962G), the driving field effect transistor U2, Dan-voltage transformer, the backlight lamp and associated circuitry configuration. After the DC power sent by the +1V DC voltage through the filter capacitor Cl integrated circuit Ul and driving power field-effect transistor; start signal (ENA) will be sent to the U1 feet for controlling the inverter circuit opens, stop. When the inverter power supply is normal, after receiving the start signal from the Ul of ? foot guard pin output PWM pulse signal interaction, after driving into the field effect transistor amplifier in step-up transformer, the pulse from the step-up transformer voltage up to about 800 V, power supply for the backlight lamp.

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