Inverter air conditioner current detection circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Current-voltage conversion circuit is often used in the current detection circuit, shown 6-19 ring inverter air conditioner current detection circuit, the circuit is mainly use

Inverter air conditioner current detection circuit
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d to detect the size of the supply current of the compressor motor. When the current is too large, you may damage the compressor motor, and even will burn the motor coil using current detection circuit for detecting the supply current, if found abnormal supply current, the air conditioner will automatically display the error code and immediate protection. When the AC 22V power supply for the compressor, the current transformer L2 induce a current signal, and then rectified by the VD2, Rl0 and Rll partial pressure and C13 cicada after wave input to the MB89865 feet. Current transformers and rectifier diode VD2 current consumption of the compressor will turn into a DC voltage supplied to the CPU (foot of snow, the A/D conversion and detection in the CPU, such as the voltage increases, will be protected. Diode VD] as a clamping diode, when the output voltage VD2 high voltage over 5v, VD1 DC voltage clamped at 5v.

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