Made with hex inverter DC DC converter circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown by a circuit TTL hex inverter can constitute a DC/DC converter, the 5V into 12V. This circuit provides all the functionality required for DC/DC conversion. The circuit

Made with hex inverter DC DC converter circuit
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relies TTL switching threshold voltage regulator. U1A and U1B formed oscillator switching frequency 1MHz. The oscillator output drives three parallel inverter U1C, U1D and U1E, provides high output current and output power. Its internal output transistor, L1 and D1 form a standard boost converter, when the output is low, the current will flow through the inductor L1; when its output goes high, the energy stored in the inductor forces the anode of D1 becomes high, D1 conducts to charge C1. U1F monitor the output voltage feedback resistors R1 and R2 on the partial pressure, when the C1 voltage is higher than 12V, U1F TTL logic input exceeds the threshold (approximately 1.2V), U1F output goes low, inhibit voltage continues to rise; when the output voltage landing is less than 1.2V, U1F closed again to allow the oscillator driver switching power supply. The circuit line and load characteristics of better than 1%, the output voltage in the range of 0 ~ 50 only 7%. 7406 requires the use of open-collector hex inverter, the inverter can output 30V, 40mA, so the three parallel switch can drive 120mA peak current.

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