Differential amplifier circuit

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Differential amplifier stability, zero drift suppression, is a common amplifier. Differential amplifier circuit shown in Figure, by two parameters identical transistors VT1, VT

2 (both 3DG6) components. Component parameter reference value as shown in FIG. Both circuits form is as follows: 1) When the switch K is connected when O end, put up a typical differential amplifier. Decay is used to adjust the potentiometer RP VT1, VT2 quiescent operating point, so that the input signal Ui o, double-ended output voltage Ue O. RE for the two shared emitter resistor, its differential mode signal number no negative feedback effect, and thus does not affect the differential mode voltage gain, but for the common-mode signal has a strong negative feedback effect can be effectively suppressed zero drift system stable amplifier quiescent point. 2) When the switch K is connected end when constituting a constant current source of the differential amplifier. A constant current source transistor VT3 employed to replace fat emitter resistance RE, the differential amplifier can be further improved co-suppression capability mode signal.

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