Direct start without power compensation circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Asynchronous motor reactive power compensation on the spot, is the capacitor directly connected with the asynchronous motor stator windings connected to increase the power of a

Direct start without power compensation circuit
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synchronous motor is running due to the number, to reduce the energy consumption of a reactive power compensation. It is suitable for large unit capacity (lOkW above), long-running, asynchronous electric power from the distant motives. Reactive Power Compensation for asynchronous motor must be protected against over-voltage generated and self-motivation. Capacitance compensation should be under selection formula: Q (0- 7 ~ 0 9.) brother Uefo (var) where Ue - rated motor voltage, V; IO- motor no-load current. A. (1) Direct start without power compensation circuit circuit is shown. The circuit can also be used to start or auto decompression rotor series frequency sensitive rheostat starting in situ reactive power compensation. And directly connected to the capacitor leads to the motor terminals.

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