Dolby IC CX1100 series and Application

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit Principles and Applications within the lC CXA1100 series. FIG SAt Dolby switch, SAz, as recording/release switch. When the recording is placed SA2 (R) position, audio s

Dolby IC CX1100 series and Application
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ignal by l (16) feet into the A amplifier amplifies amplify the signal sent to the main channel, respectively, after the adder, the variable attenuation circuit and the auxiliary channel B amplifier, dried B amplifier output signal - in part through a high-pass filter is crossing into the adder with the main channel signal to the high small signal may be raised; the other part by the C amplifier, rectifier filter rectifier to a variable attenuation control circuit to provide DC electrical voltage. Signal output from the adder, all the way through 8 (9) pin output signal to the recording head as the recording; the other way by the feedback circuit and the input signal to the amplifier A subtraction, high frequency noise is suppressed.

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