Dynamic expansion circuit improved

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Better performance is a dynamic expander circuit NE571 and LM1894N thereof. Dynamic Expander to join the Formula circuit consisting of a variable with LM1894N bandpass filter,

Dynamic expansion circuit improved
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the reason is ideal for dynamic expansion requires the use of RMS rectifier bamboo, to prevent so-called noise modulation breathing effect and RMS rectifier made into this high and can not be generally accepted by the variable band-pass filter before the expander joined by the LM18ic) 4N composition, can be eliminated - wheezing noise on the sense of hearing. After noise level band-processed signals from the N input through c9] ester consisting of 71 NE5532N dynamic expansion amplifier. Since the conversion rate NE571 internal operational amplifier only 0.SV/pLS, and its pass band is only valid kHz t therefore Alternatively NE5532N as its operational amplifier unit, the original units shipped within the IC put the vacancy need not (see Fig. 5-11 (a o NE571 circuit only a variable gain unit and the average of these two dynamic expansion of the rectifier circuit means necessary, and the applied NE5532N form a complete, high-performance dynamic expansion of the circuit. the circuit adjustment is achieved by spreading ratio between the NE571 5,3 feet parallel resistance R4 achieved through experiments, numerical 100k as shown, you can get a true natural sound reproduction apply if .C12 is built-NE571 rectifying the filter capacitor its value and quality of the expander overshoot, fast rise and approach of taking the amount of delay has a significant impact, should be selected with a stable discharge tantalum electrolytic capacitors. At the same time, left and right channels l, 16 feet should be parallel.

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