Electronic fly disinfestation

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Electronic Fly utilizes high voltage applied to the power line voltage pulse OCS killed flies. Use the following web site when the bait to attract flies, fly Fly online for all

to be able to kill the flies. Fly electronic circuit as shown, when the base integrated circuit ICl 555 and the resistor Rl, R2 and the capacitor Cl form astable oscillator circuit, from the foot of ICl output frequency of about 30Hz, 10% duty cycle of continuous square wave. The square wave is coupled via a resistor R3 to the transistor VTl, VT2, promote step-up transformer T boosted amplification, so connected to the high-voltage transformer with a secondary IED kV grid in order to achieve the function of killing flies. Fly net usable No. l4 wire production, the adjacent wire distance of about 6mm. In order to prevent a child inadvertently high-voltage grid, fly disinfestation should be placed in the ground a few meters high, and should be fixed firmly.

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