Energy-saving lamp electronic ballast circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Start within 16W2D single ended energy saving lamp dedicated electronic ballast circuit shown in Figure, RFI filter circuit consists of 1-60 wave,

Energy-saving lamp electronic ballast circuit
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a zinc oxide varistor protection, bridge rectifiers, high-frequency oscillator, LC series part of the output stage and so on. RFI filter inductor Ll, L2 and capacitor Cl form, while the power factor of the circuit capacitor Cl also have some corrective action. RV zinc oxide varistors, when the grid voltage increases or accidental wrong phase can be quickly turned on so fast fuse FU fuse to protect the electronic ballast and the lamp from damage. Bridge rectifier circuit composed by the VDI ~ VD4, filter capacitor C2 and then dried. High frequency oscillator using transformer coupling of oscillating circuit, in just an instant power, although the same VTI and VT2 loop circuit parameters, but since components of the discrete nature, which is bound to make a priority transistor is turned on, and then rely on coupling transformer T2, so that the other transistor is turned on and the pilot through a transistor is turned on by the state jump into the oFF-state. T2 flux through positive and negative cyclical changes, so VTI, VT2 turns saturated conduction and off, quickly establish oscillation. Once excited oscillation circuit, high-frequency signal number is through a series circuit of a choke coil L3 and capacitor C7 and other components, causing series resonance, so in the C7 generated across a high resonant voltage to ignite the lamp H one-time activation. Once the lamp is ignited, Lc series circuit detuning, as long as the circuit element parameters by selecting the appropriate number of lights can work in a normal nominal state.

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