FS810 integrated power amplifier circuit diagram

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FS810 practical circuit as shown for the integrated power amplifier. FS810 is a high performance, integrated power amplifier for high-end tape recorders and audio equipment. Fi

FS810 integrated power amplifier circuit diagram
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gure (a), the speaker connected to the output capacitor C5 and the ground, indirect 100k resistor pin and ground constitutes a feedback branch exchange. For the rich bass, plus the C (0.047 F), R4 (8.2k ) branch connected between feet and 12 feet, as Bass Boost network. C10, R5 bootstrap network, R3, R4 correction reactance network, for eliminating the inductance of the loudspeaker. Figure (b), the positive power supply between the positive electrode and the speaker connected to the output terminal of the capacitor C5, the output capacitor C5 and doubles as a speaker impedance bootstrapping network element, thus less components, the circuit is simple, but the speaker must be suspended grounded.

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