Flooding rats Electronic cat

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Electronic circuit shown in Figure cat. ICl time base integrated circuit NE555, it potentiometer RP, resistor Rl, R2 and capacitor Cl form time control circuit for controlling
Flooding rats Electronic cat - schematic

mew interval. IC2 is mew IC KD-5605, it will cure the cat calls within the circuit. Closing the switch S, the power by RP, Rl, R2 to charge Cl, Cl charge to the voltage across the power supply voltage 2/3, pin output low ICl, a light emitting diode LED powered light, while IC2 electrical work, after the output signal is a cat called IC3 power amplifier push speaker BL loud realistic mew, to drive rats purposes. At the same time, ICl internal discharge conduction, Cl stored charge through R2 to IC1 foot discharge. When the supply voltage drops the voltage across Cl l/3 ±, ICl the pin output high, LED is off, IC2 also lost power to stop working, stop mew. Power and to charge C1 through RP, Rl, R2, circuit so the cycle work.

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