From power fluctuations of one single-junction transistor trigger circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Both circuits can trapezoidal wave voltage synchronous Here is converted into intermittent small rectangular pulse. Its working principle is to make periodic operating in synch

From power fluctuations of one single-junction transistor trigger circuit
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ronization with the grid frequency of the zero volt switching voltage of the DC chopper. As a result of the low threshold voltage than the comparator, the impact of voltage fluctuations intermittent sync pulse width is minimal. Therefore, it makes the phase shift angle powered affect network voltage fluctuations greatly reduced, but also expanded phase shift range. Circuit shown in Figure 16-10. It uses 555 IC Ai limit for single inverter voltage comparator; using 7812 three terminal integrated voltage regulator A2 fixed to provide a stable power supply. Adjustment potentiometer RP, can change the output pulse to e phase shift angle.

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