High-performance DC amplifier driving circuit AP500A-01

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Because so many AP500A having the above advantages, the use to which the stereo has incomparable superiority. AP500A use can be made of OTI, ) CI a, rK, BTL, class AB, super CP

High-performance DC amplifier driving circuit AP500A-01
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I, CPI and other distinctive © amplifier circuit shown in Figure 3-21, Figure 3-22 is AP500A the typical DC amplifier module using a circuit diagram 6 wherein AP500A amplifier for voltage amplification and drives VT1, VT2 amplifier tube, VT1, VT2 as amplifier current amplification tasks Figure 3-22 uses VMOS FET amplifier tube, having an electron tube characteristics VM () S tube amplifier with DC FET input AP500A equipped with, can fully play VMOS tube Ix, amplifier unique treble slim, powerful bass special point © Figure 3-23 is present amplifier power supply circuit, FIG. 3 -21 3-22 when using 42V power supply, output power up to 2, oow when 2 port power supply with disabilities 28V, 90W 2 can output power ratio. Since AP500A extremely wide voltage adaptability, so recommended within the operating voltage range ( 4zv including, 28V), the circuit can work without debugging port working status amplifier tube stringent requirements, according to FIG. 3 21, Figure 3-22 adjustable resistor connected in dotted line shown to set the end of the longevity amplifier tube VTl.VT2 working condition (eg; B, AB or class a class can also be connected to a small auxiliary element in the peripheral circuit, so VTlVT2 enter the working state super CPI) port Further, since the power amplifier tube amplifier for the last stage is a current amplification, large power consumption, so the need to use an auxiliary radiator fins.

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