High-performance recording front end circuit

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Figure 3-17 is a pre-equalizer amplifier having a sound recording function has the following characteristics: (1) the circuit does not have a conventional mechanical switch cir

cuit normally, instead of using a fully enclosed electromagnetic relays, this machine will go core and circuit board are mounted plane made a prerequisite, and the operational reliability of the circuit is greatly improved. Movement selected LX - 401 electronically controlled Touch movement. (2) set the editing switch, as long as the gap in the program by pressing this switch, you can make a tape of a very low noise floor. (3) with a single recording equalization circuit operational amplifier, through a specially designed, the equalization circuit is generally not used in the circuit inductance can be high and low frequency recording compensation. Not only do design complex inductor, simplifying the electrical circuit configuration, and the circuit is stable, easy to adjust, inter-channel balance is good.

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