High-pressure centralized compensation capacitor circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Compensation is to focus on high-pressure high-voltage capacitor bank focused on the plant installed in the substation 6-10kV bus. Compensation can only be compensated in this

High-pressure centralized compensation capacitor circuit
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way 6-lOkV bus before the reactive power on the line, and reactive power plant after the bus line are not abundant h compensation, so this way compensation was better than the last two economic compensation way difference. But less initial investment in this way compensate for centralized operation and maintenance, but also the high-pressure side of the plant reactive power effective reactive power compensation, in order to meet the requirements of the plant total power factor, so in this way to compensate in some large medium plant applications quite common. FIG shunt capacitor banks is centralized wiring diagram compensation connected substation 6 ~ lOkV bus. Here coupling capacitor bank uses, housed in the package capacitor cabinet. In order to prevent short circuit capacitor breakdown caused by phase, so each side shaped junctions are connected with high-voltage fuse protection. Since the residual voltage of the capacitor removed from power Ah, the residual voltage of up to peak power grid voltage, which is the root of personal danger, it must be installed discharge device. Figure TV auxiliary voltage transformer primary winding is used to discharge. To ensure reliable discharge the capacitor bank shall not be installed in the discharge circuit fuse or switch. Press GB50053-1994 regulations. Indoor high voltage capacitor means should be provided in a separate room, when a small group capacity capacitor can be set in the high-pressure distribution room, but the distance from the high voltage electrical installations should not be less than 1. 5m.

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