High resistance distribution circuit

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As shown in the circuit diagram of a high-impedance distribution. It is with low resistivity distribution of
High resistance distribution circuit - schematic

certain significant difference is the series resistance in the shunt load current limiting resistor R1, the general value of five times the battery internal resistance ~ l0 times. At this time, if a short circuit shunt occurs, and the system voltage drops are small recoil spike voltage, because R1 limits the short circuit current, and L di / dt is also small sake. As shown in Figure is N, R schematic voltage variation. Matching the appropriate R1 and Rr, can make N, the voltage change between R within the permissible error range power supply system so that the system load between each independently of each other. Multi-purpose play a shunt to improve the reliability of the communication system. In practical applications, it can evolve out of a multi-stage high-impedance power distribution applications.

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